Why a Law Office?

Families appreciate having a law firm on their side if there are problems with public benefits agencies, care providers, hospitals, nursing facilities or estranged family members. Many of the most important things to be accomplished involve familiarity with public benefits programs and the drafting of important wealth-preserving legal documents. These documents are often very different from the normal planning provisions to be found in existing family trusts and estate plans.

Medi-Cal and VA “Planners” who are not Elder Law attorneys are not aware of the important interrelationship between benefits programs, tax planning and required legal documentation. They often cause more problems than they solve. An Elder Law Firm will also understand the law concerning patient rights and appropriate care and treatment standards in care facilities. As attorneys, we will be able to advocate for your family.

Whether you live across the street or across the country, a Certified Elder Law Attorney offers welcome reassurance that there will be planning and advocacy so your elderly or disabled loved one will enjoy the best possible quality of life, while preserving assets from unnecessary expense.

San Diego Elder Law