Why Medi-Cal Planning?


Our Medi-Cal Planning goals are:

  • Obtain eligibility for Long Term Care Medi-Cal as soon as possible, and avoid spending down all of the family assets private paying.
  • Minimize the “share of cost,” the amount the applicant must contribute each month prior to full Medi-Cal coverage. There are also innovative tools that allow share of cost to be directed to needed supplemental therapy.
  • Protect the spouse. There are substantial protections for a spouse, both for asset and income protection. We are aware of what they are and use them.
  • Recovery avoidance. Medi-Cal, under some circumstances, may attempt to recover what they paid after the death of the benefit’s recipient. While there is no recovery during the life of the surviving spouse, there are also other methods of avoiding recovery. While they are not available in all cases, we know what they are and how to use them. Most of our clients have no recovery actions.

The rules concerning Medi-Cal qualification, share of cost, and recovery are complicated. Many thousands of your family’s dollars may be at stake. Every year thousands of people unnecessarily private pay because they don't know their rights. Don't let this describe your family. Before incorrectly assuming you will not qualify for Medi-Cal, please consult with us, or another qualified Elder Law Attorney. If you wish, we will handle the entire Medi-Cal application process.

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