Medi-Cal and Disability Planning

Help your loved one get quality nursing home care, while saving family assets. “Don’t be fooled by the myth of the “Medi-Cal Spend Down.”

Medi-Cal is California’s program for administering federal Medicaid funds. Medi-Cal has several different programs. The most misunderstood is “Long Term Care” coverage. Most people first hear about Medi-Cal Long Term Care coverage when a family member or loved one is hospitalized, then discharged to a rehabilitation or skilled nursing facility. Medicare may pay for this extended care for a while…but not long. The maximum period Medicare will pay for qualifying individuals is 100 days, but most families will find themselves receiving a notice of termination of Medicare long before that. For those who do not have long term care insurance, the choice then becomes to pay the cost themselves, over $9,000 per month, or apply for Long Term Care Medi-Cal. Few could afford to private pay for long without seriously impacting the financial security of the spouse and family. Both married and unmarried individuals also worry as the estate they intended to pass to their children or heirs is rapidly eaten up by nursing home bills.

The clear alternative is the Long Term Care Medi-Cal program. Medi-Cal will pay for 100% of nursing home expenses for those who qualify. Some may need to pay a “share of cost,” but many will not. Even those with a relatively high share of cost pay far less than the private pay rate for a nursing home. With our assistance, the majority of those who consult with us can qualify for Long Term Care Medi-Cal, legally preserving most, if not all, of their assets for themselves and their loved ones. We can help you minimize the “share of cost,” and often use techniques allowing you to direct your share of cost for payment for beneficial therapy for your family member. We can also often help avoid recovery claims by the State.

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