Warning on Trust Mills or other non-attorneys

"Trust Mills", “Trust Advisors" and other non-attorneys selling “Estate Plans”

There is a difference between an Estate-Planning Attorney and various “trust drafters” marketing their “skills.” A trust is an important document with far-reaching effects. We do not recommend you place this responsibility in the hands of a paralegal, a “trust advisor,” or anyone else who is practicing law without being a lawyer. They are in the business of selling “one size fits all” documents. You may be told that the documents they offer have been “reviewed by an attorney.” That is probably so, but beside the point. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of potential provisions for an estate plan. The skill and knowledge come in knowing which trust and what provisions are appropriate for your situation. That entails judgments only an attorney who has met with and interviewed you is qualified to make.

At San Diego Elder Law Center, you will be Philip Lindsley will spend the time to understand your goals and needs, and together you will decide on your estate plan’s provisions. You will be quoted a flat fee before any work is done.

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