California Healthline: Medi Cal

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  • Medicaid Waiver Renewal Process Starts

    California health officials hope to include new shared-savings ideas in the next version of the state's Medicaid reform waiver. The current version, known as the "Bridge to Reform," expires next year.

  • Many Steps To Go Before Authorizing Autism Therapy as Benefit, State Says

    State officials said they were waiting for federal guidance before approving autism therapy as a covered Medi-Cal benefit. Now that CMS has issued that guidance, the state says it still needs more time to decide whether that's possible.

  • Calif. Officials Overstated Number of Medi-Cal Providers in 2013
    The California Department of Health Care Services has said that about 109,000 providers in the state participated in Medicaid during 2013, but the California Medical Association says there were only about 104,000 doctors licensed to practice in the state that year. DHCS said the list could have included deceased doctors, duplicated names and retired physicians. HealthyCal.
  • HHS Launches $100M Funding Initiative for State Medicaid Programs

    HHS has announced a new $100M funding initiative to help states reform their Medicaid payment models and improve the quality of care. The effort -- called the Innovation Accelerator Program -- stems in part from National Governors Association recommendations. The Hill, CQ HealthBeat.

  • Number of Medi-Cal Providers Down by 25% in Spring 2014
    Although millions of residents enrolled in California's Medicaid program between spring 2013 and spring 2014, the number of doctors who participate in the program decreased by about 25%. The state Department of Health Care Services said the decrease should not reduce beneficiaries' access to care. HealthyCal.

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